Wednesday, November 13, 2013

18 months...

WHERE has the time gone? My baby boy is 18 months old (well in a few days I'm a little early).  He learns and grows so fast. He makes me smile constantly he is always cheeseing it or laughing or just being silly.  He is talking a lot and even knows some signing and when he says "Please" it is the cutest thing you just have to give him what he wants, which I usually do anyways haha! He gives the best snuggles in the mornings and tells you about his night. He loves  animals and can tell you what most of the animals say. He loves his kitty Weasley and is always laying on her and chasing her, she hides out in my bedroom most of the day cause she is scared of him.  He loves his Aunties and Uncles Blain was blessed with some of the BEST Aunties and Uncles, they spoil him.

Here is a list of the words he can say…
1. Mama
2. Dada
4. Reesey (Blain loves his cousin Reese so much he would be lost with out her)
5. Horsey
6. Please
7. Thank You
8. Nana and Papa
9. He has said Grandpa and Grandma before but I think it still hard for him
10. NO

I love it when he talks to me. I wouldn't trade being his mama for nothing. I'm so grateful the lord blessed me with a prefect little boy to raise and love!

Love you my little Blain bug!

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